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Scope-Films was originally founded in 2000 under the name of Scope Productions by Kirill Kripak.

It then became Scope-Entertainment and went online. In 2002, it was decided that Scope-Entertainment would be a film site, whereas, Scope-Films would be the name under which the films produced by the crew would be named under.

Officially, there have been 24 films to date. These films ranged between 1 minute and 10 minutes in length. In the future, the filmmakers wish to pursue serious film projects. In fact, one script is written for their first drama (Sick), and a screenplay is currently being written for a dark comedy (P).

Scope's first out-of-state film Verbatim, written and directed by Joshua Carney, was completed in April 2003. This film is a milestone to Scope making international films.

The Scope Team also prides itself in helping other filmmakers abroad. They lend help to many people, whether it being creative editing tricks, visual or audio effects advice or advice on marketing personal films and many other subjects covered in film.

In August of 2003, Scope branched out officially with Scope-Entertainment, which is The Future of Online Cinema. Scope-Entertainment is an online cinema that is devoted to filmmakers seeking comments, reviews, tips, tutorials, information, hosting, design and many other services and features related to film-making. Visit today at www.scope-entertainment.com.
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