High Stakes
Orange Crush
ELISE trailer
Through the Fog
Wedding Trailer
Third Round Commercial
Demo Reel
Teen Suicide Documentary

Director - Kirill Kripak
Story - K. Kripak, P. Syal, M. Kline
Editor - Kirill Kripak
Dir. of Photography - Kirill Kripak
Original Music - Mark S. Affeld

View - Low (3.8mb) Starring - Pranav Syal
Mark Kline
Kirill Kripak
Alex Lebovich
Louis Bako
Finally, it is here. The last of Attack of the Ridge.

This was my history project from first semester last year, and people seemed to like this film the most, so I decided to remake a special edition with the following changes:

-Completely Original Score
-AlamDV2 Effects
-Slightly Modified Titles/Credits
-Small Edits
-Proper 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio


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