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Director - Kirill Kripak
Screenplay - Erica Josse
Editor - Kirill Kripak
Dir. of Photography - Kirill Kripak

View - Broadband (12.2mb)Original/Alt Ending (2mb) Starring - Erica Josse
Jackie Saltzman
Won Best Short Film and Best Editing from the Westmount Collegiate Film Festival.

snitch. is a project my group and I did for class that had to revolve around lighting. This is the first thing I have plot graphed and lit properly since I started filmmaking.

They synopsis is pretty much Erica, the model student, is trying to steal exams, but Jackie, the student teacher, is able to catch her red-handed and a cool fight breaks out.

Before anyone starts, this is NOT inspired by Kill Bill. Yes, one song is from Kill Bill, but this was storyboarded and planned before I saw the film, so anything else is coincidence. If I had to say what inspired me the most, I'd probably go with Snatch because of the titles and fight scene.

There were some problems when filming this, so we had to go back and reshoot certain shots to make the peice flow and we also had to completely rethink and reshoot the ending. Our original ending didn't work once I got down to editing, so we had about 40 minutes the next day to come up with a new one. So, as a little bonus, attached is also the alternate/original ending.

Enjoy. :D


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