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Director - Kirill Kripak
Editor - Kirill Kripak
Dir. of Photography - Kirill Kripak
Original Music - Mark S. Affeld

Status - Post-Production Starring - Alex Lebovich
Anatoly Polishuk
Adam Rudolph
Thomas Nagy
Louis Bako
Official Site: http://redfruit2.scope-films.com
Teaser: Modem | Broadband
Trailer: Modem | Broadband

The highly anticipated sequel to last year's online triumph RedFruit comes this movie with even less plot, more guns and hell of a lot more fun!

RedFruit 2 picks up right where the first one left off, the villain, Stiletto making his break. But the hero, Daugherty, was not killed. The bulletproof vest came in handy as got right back up in pursuit of his foe. Watch as they engage in a high-speed car chase with nothing but ammo to spare.

Buckle-up, because this baby doesn't yield for pedestrians!

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