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Orange Crush
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Through the Fog
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Teen Suicide Documentary

Director - Adam Varsano
Screenplay - A. Varsano, K. Kripak and T. Nagy
(Full Crew)

Status - Filming Starring - Glen Drutz
Kirill Kripak
Thomas Nagy
(Full Cast)
Official Site: www.scope-films.com/ft/

You are the only witness to a murder. Problem is, you don't remember.

Mr. Shift regains conciseness and is shocked to find out that he is a crucial witness to a murder case. As he later finds out, this murder case involved the assassination of a Senator. Mr. Shift is the only survivor to such a tragedy. As the Detective interrogates him, they see rise to a big problem. Mr. Shift, their one and only witness who is able to crack the case, has amnesia.

Accusations come in all sizes in this Crime-Thriller as Detective Oaks has too many leads, and not enough truth.

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