High Stakes
Orange Crush
ELISE trailer
Through the Fog
Wedding Trailer
Third Round Commercial
Demo Reel
Teen Suicide Documentary

Director - Kirill Kripak
Editor - T. Nagy, K. Kripak
Dir. of Photography - Kirill Kripak

View - High (9.5mb) Starring - Lori Schwartz
After a four month hiatus of actual filming (there was some RedFruit II editing in there), I have finally stepped back behind the camera to come up with, storyboard, direct and shoot this small action-comedyish short for class.

Can't really explain the story here, just watch the short flick and it's all nicely laid out there.

This was shot in 24fps with a beautiful 3-chip Panasonic Cam (the only 24p minidv to date) and edited with the standard Arsenal of Premiere 6.0 (screw the newer versions), Photoshop, AlamDV2 and my personal method of compression.

To anyone who can find the AlamDV2 effect used, a tiny, insignificant, barely seen mention on this page!


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