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Film - He-Man
Director - Kirill Kripak
Editor - Kirill Kripak
Dir. of Photography - Kirill Kripak

View - Broadband (15.3mb) Type - Test Clip/Promo
This is the test clip that I made for the little competition by air7walk for his HE-MAN Comic Club.

The clip is basically about Jeff and his roommate 'Scalpitor' getting into a little one-sided fight. Somehow, when Scalpitor visits evil-bay ('e-bay for the slow'), he is transformed into a dark being of sorts and has magic powers. Poor old Jeff has nothing and freaks out.

Somehow, the clip turned out to be 7 minutes long...yes, quite odd. But it was fun to make. A silly little side project for me.


*Note: the computer was broken so the screen is not actually on, so just imagine seeing an ebay-looking site.

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