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Film - Catcher in the Rye - Chapter Three
Director - Kirill Kripak
Editor - Kirill Kripak
Dir. of Photography - Thomas Nagy

View - Broadband (10.2mb) Type - School Project
This was made as one of our final projects in English last year (gr. 11) in supposedly-always-drunk McGloughlin's class.

Our task was to take a chapter from J. D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye and recreate it. We of course choose to enact this on film and were allowed to do so. So we choose chapter three so that the amount of people we had worked with how many characters were written.

The group comprised of Scope regulars Kirill, Thomas and Alex making a small cameo as Stradlater and a fellow friend and colleague, Ryan Donsky.

Not too much effort was put into this was it was a simple peice. It was shot in two days I believe. The interesting tidbit about this is that it was the first time using Tom's new Panasonic DVX100 with the crazy 24p function. Unfortunately, setting the camera to 24p makes the light input darker and we didn't realize that until later and as always, had no proper lighting source.

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