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Mark S. Affeld
Email - marksaffeld@scope-films.com
Location - Largo Florida, USA

Positions - Composer
Short biography
Since Junior high school, Mark S. Affeld has had an overwhelming interest, and action, in film-making. This includes story writing, directing and production - all original films (recent and upcoming projects listed below). Mark possesses a gifted talent, along with a highly creative "ear for music", and has always shown a skilled way to "throw the extra punch" with his interest and skill in music.

Mark has turned his main interest and talent towards music. Although college prospects are currently being observed and planned, Mark's skill and experience in choreographing the music "to fit with the movie", whether it be comedy, action, suspense, sci-fi, etc. has shown great accomplishments in finding unique ways for the music to fit what is happening emotionally and visually. With his experimentation, interest, and natural and unique composition with both music and sound, he has been able to make all projects more impactful and powerful to the movie-goer.

He is very serious about film-making, especially aiming his true talent and love toward music. Anyone who includes Mark in their projects will know that he is a unique, dedicated, and gifted artist.

Best Original Score for RedFruit

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