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Kirill Kripak
Email - kirill@scope-films.com
Location - Dubai, UAE

Positions - Director
Short biography
Kirill grew up always admiring cameras, movies (not films) and eventually film itself. He never gave much thought into actually going and making a video until the 9th grade, where he landed in a class with video projects. He went on and created his first video, Sudden Draw with Louis Bako, a friend who shared a similar taste in film. Over the next year, Kirill hadn't given too much thought to film, until he created/directed/shot/edited Next Generation. After that experience, Kirill decided that film would infact be his focus as a career.

Working in a movie theatre and watching the latest films just made his appetite for making movies greater, and thus teamed up with long time friend Alex Lebovich for their first professional production, Redfruit which was loved by many people, at home and online.

In the near future, Kirill hopes to write and direct a short drama (under 70-minutes). He has proven his abilities in making top notch short films out of nothing, and is now taking the next stage by force; that stage of telling relatable and fun stories to his fans. That, and his first feature film, PANCAKES is also in the making, but that's not important.

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Reminders (General)

1st Runner Up for Bloody Hell
Best Original Score for Bloody Hell
Best Original Score for ELISE
Best Short Film for snitch
Best Editing for snitch
Best Sound for RedFruit
Best Editing for Remembrance Day Extended
Best Visual Effects for Vimy Ridge - The Story of Edward Sims - Redux

Best Visual Effects for RedFruit
Best Cinematography for "Angel" Project (split nomination)
Best Editing for Stranger
Best Sound for Break-In (split nomination)
Best Editing for Secret Agent Man

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