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Author - Kirill

Poetry rules...when it doesn't make any sense.

What better way to waste time in class during boring lectures that you already know all the information regarding than to either a)sleep, or b)write stupid, non-sensible, random poetry? There is no better way (well, doodling maybe). So, recently, when I get bored in some of my classes and have the opportunity, I write short little poems/lymerics. Most of them are total shit of course, but some I think are quite funny. Here's one I wrote today while listening to my class mates drone-read Hamlet.

Hamlet, this guy in this play,
Is really damn annoying, I'd say.
Especially during his monologues,
Which are mostly quite fucking gay.

Hey - I know many people love Hamlet (I've only read about 2 scenes, not enough to judge cept that Hamlet annoys me) but come on...my poem rhymes quite well! You gotta give some credit for that. No? Eat me.

I have a bunch scattered through my notebook. What's great is when whoever is sitting close to you is also bored, you try to have a conversation with them in rhyme. I can't remember exactly what was written, but I think there was something along the lines of:

This is quite boring,
Very much so.
I'd rather not be here,
I'd rather go.

I agree with your consensus,
And hate this shit too,
But alas, what can we do,
'cept maybe make fun of Mr. Magoo.

I think that's how it went - not really sure. I know the first part is right, the second could/is wrong. I don't really care - I'm just writing this article to pass the time and hopefully cause the mental equivalent of an ass-ravaging.

So to end off this crappy article,
Without much further rhyme,
Here is a closing line,
That doesn't rhyme at all.

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