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Parades Suck
Author - Louis

I hate people! This morning (yes morning) I had to drag my tired ass out of bed (having worked late the previous night; why they give people late shifts followed by morning shifts is still beyond my comprehension) and walk to the bus stop to catch the 10:50 bus, I was supposed to start work at noon, but the only bus was at 10:50, seeing as how the next one was at 11:50 and it takes like 25 min to get to work.

Some people would ask "But Louis why the fuck are the times an hour apart and not half an hour apart like they usually are on a week day, you hansome devil?" I'll tell you why - FUCKING CANADA DAY!!! Canada day is actually considered a holiday! One day a year we celebrate Canada, just in case people forget where they're living. What the fuck is the point? It's the stupidest holiday ever created. We have way too many holidays, they used to mean something, back when there were only a few a year, now we have like over a dozen, that's not even counting the Jewish holidays. Holidays lose meaning when there's one every other day.

Anyway I was walking to the bus stop and I see a cop car with some road block signs and I think to myself "Kick ass! A cool car crash! I hope someone died!" But I was seriously dissapointed to find out it was no car crash, but a fucking PARADE! Thats right, not only do we celebrate a crappy country's birthday by letting everyone have the day off, (except me) but we also have a fucking parade blocking the world's longest street (Younge St). What kind of a sick, retarded fuck decides "Hey I got fucking retarded idea! Let's block off the busiest street on the planet and have a parade nobody's gonna watch let alone give a rat monkey fuck about!" For those of you who have shit for brains, this means the bus can't come, therefor I can't get to work, therefor I don't make money (time and a half X 6 hours = $60) and when I don't make money PEOPLE DIE.

So I ask the bitch of a pig.. er I mean cop... I mean pig when the fagget float ceremony will be over she says "I dont know because I anally bash drunks" or something like that. So I'm sitting here now typing this article, waiting for my brother to wake his ass up and take me to work.

Some people would ask "But Louis you sexy beast, why does your life suck soo much ass?" I'll tell you why, because of the stupid, gay, retarded, fat, ugly, smelly, moronic faggits who run this world and make it a horrible place to live for everyone, especially me.

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