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Knives Suck
Author - Kirill

Yeah, you heard me, you big sissies. "Oh look, I have a knife, I'll cut you up with my own flip spring that's inside." Babies. If you were real men, you'd fight with your bare hands and not use some made in china crap. Guess what, I have a knife too! It's a big silver one with a maroon-wood handle and weighs about five pounds. Yeah, my butcher's knife. It'll kick the metal off your precious toys any day.

The only knife that could kill 'ol Bill's ass is a samurai sword. Yeah, a fucking sword. So I can't really compare. This just goes to say that everyone who doesn't have a samurai sword can like my feet cuz 'ol Bill will take you on anyday.

So to end off, here's a random picture that's supposed to have something to do with a knife.

Update: It has been brought to my attention that the above picture may be a cat. Well that's one fucked up cat colored blue. I mean, what the hell? I'd say it's a retard blue pillow with arms, legs, eyes and mouth with jagged teeth. Good riddance.
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