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You're all a bunch of Pansies
Author - Louis

I recently read the articles about knives. I was shocked to find out that there are actually people out there with 4-inch-blade knives. For christ sake you pansies. What kind of a pussie carries around a knife that small? It sure as hell ain't going to help much in a fight. Especially if the other person even had the slightest idea how to fight. If you need protection a blade must be at least one foot in length, perferably a machete. Switch blades are for pansies. They're small thin and they suck. Period. If you use a knife like that for work you are equally retarded because if you need it just for work then for god sake use a fucking swiss-army knife. That way you're prepared for everything.

Bottom line: if you're going to carry a knife, carry one that will actually serve it's purpose. Not a cheap piece of shit that makes you look like an idiot.

For those of you wondering what I use: A one 7 inch knife under my mattress for those stupid enough to fuck with me in my sleep, one 10 inch dagger on my wall, one meter long spanish sword for dueling, and the prize of my collection, 2 foot long stainless steel Indiana-Jones collector, edition Khyber Bowie, a show piece yes, but it can still decapitate you in one slice. I am also planning to purchase a set of Japanese-Samurai swords, because they are the bes,t period. Happy hunting you Pansies.
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