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To Buy a Knife
Author - Sam Gorski

Ok, here.s the deal. I went to Spain when I was in 8th grade, and I got this sweet pocket knife for $10. Then I lost it. Since then I.ve been striving to find a knife with the same level of awesomeness that the other knife had.

So, a couple months ago I looked around on eBay and BAM! They were selling pocket knifes for $1 EACH!!!!!! Ok, now yes they were made in China, and that did make me think about all that sweat shop stuff and that was why they were so cheap, but as I say, one man.s cheap $1 pocket knife is another man from China.s job. So I bought it and the knife was sweet. It had a 4 inch blade and it was huge. So when we were filming Pharmacide, I forgot the knife in the barn, then the barn burned down, melting the knife, and stealing one of my most precious items! NO! I had a new mission . to find a sweeter knife.

I took another look on eBay about 3 months after I lost it, and HOLY CRAP! What do I find? A black-on-black switchblade for 2 bucks. BUY! It came in the mail 3 days later, and I.ve had a huge party with it since. The thing opens with a snap! And it.s really the kind of thing I.d use to kill someone if I somehow was put in that situation. I mean, you just push the thumb stud a bit, and SHAZAAM! the knife flies out and CHICK! It locks in place. The black blade is sweet too.

So, in case you need a knife, go on eBay. And even if you really don.t need one, get one anyways because they.re so sweet and you can go up to people you don.t even know and say, .Hey check this out! I got it on eBay for 2 bucks!.

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