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Author - Kirill

Saturday 21 - Morning.

I saw a late showing last night and was rather tired because I had done nothing all day and have work this morning.

What many people say is true...the trailers don't tell you anything about what the movie is like. The trailers made it look like a stupid popcorn movie, but its alot more than that. I thought the acting was very good, nicely selected cast. The editing was marvelous (heh). The story was interesting and the CG for the most part was very well done. The HULK himself still looked cruddy to me, except when we saw facial expression...those were damn good. What ILM did achieve very well was making everything around HULK super-realistic...ie, all the poo that he destroyed or beat up or kicked or threw. One of the most intense parts of the movie also happens to be one of the worse CG parts...when HULK is battling certain "dogs". I think these "dogs" looked way too unrealistic and extremely weird movements that weren't good, but the fight itself was kickass. I mean, damn! He broke the damn jaw with this shoulder!

Overall, I'm very pleased that this film took a different route than the other comic book films. I would rank HULK up with X2...i can't decide which one's better because they both excel in areas that the other doesn't.
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