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Author - Kirill

Negative 5 stars.

I was going through some old reviews and I came across this...this - peice of shit. Man, I saw that image and it instantly brought back awful, repressed memories. Anyway, here is an old review of it (ya, I know, me reviewing it. Must have been paid alot or just really, really, REALLY bored).

All there is to say about this shit - or skit, rather (cuz that's what it felt like, a really long skit) is that Data is in it (Brent Spiner, the Star Trek robot guy).

I'm serious, there is nothing else even bearable to this movie...at all.

Alright, maybe I'm going to harsh...I mean it is a comedy with Dana Carvey, I haven't seen him in anything for a bit now, maybe I should give him some slack to warm up for something, well, you know...good - that he may make in the future. But as a comedy or even monday morning thing on a channel only three beings watch (those three being the dust mites, random birds and evolved shit), it falls way short of anything anyone would ever like. (damn, must be tired, can't think of anything more insulting. suggestions welcome)

In fact, the only thing worse that I can think of is that wretched Rocky and Bullwinkle garbage.

There were maybe two parts that made me laugh, and the credits made more sense than the movie.
I would explain the story, but its really not worth it. I might hurt someone.

Since I hate this movie so much, here's some hate-art that I made for it.

Look at that; I spent a whole minute of my precious time to put some text and a cut-out picture of a nice silver beretta to dana carvey's head. not that i hate dana carvey, just the character in that movie and the whole movie at that. Im not even gonna bother to read through this review to see if i spelt everything right. too much hassle.

I definetly recommend this to absolutely no one.

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