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The Forgotten Movie
Author - Josh

I was floating through my DVD collection this weekend; I'd say about 100 movies with many screen legends waiting to be released onto my fifty-five inch television. In any case, I saw a movie I hadn't seen in a good while and it made me think about how easily classics, especially in the comedic genre can easily be forgotten. This amazingly funny masterpiece deals with a dude, a bowling alley and a Vietnam War veteran that won't let those around him forget it. I am of course talking about the Coen Brothers film The Big Lebowski.

Let me give you a rundown of the plot first so that the story will somewhat make sense. The main character, Jeffrey Lebowski is pretty much living off of the government nipple in a small Southern California town outside Malibu. However, he happens to share the same name with a wealthy philanthropist in the same area. An identity mix up ensues, and Lebowski and his bowling buddies Donny and Walter are thrown into the case of finding a kidnapped wife, after some German beatniks take matters into their own hands. Comedic genius and great writing ensue in one of the best films of the 1990's.

Now to the point at hand. When this first came out, I myself was just in Jr. High School and a little young to interpret all of the humor, especially the humor that was meant of the eighteen and up crowd. In any case, the movie did mediocre at best and has never fully been given the appreciation it deserves. What I have noticed however, that among my generation of people, it has taken on a cult like following. The inside jokes stemming from this movie that my friends and I use on a daily basis (and especially when we go to a bowling alley) is absolutely hysterical. What's more is that other teenagers, and people in our general age group get our jokes, bringing us as a generation even close.

My challenge to you all is to take a risk sometime this week. Go and rent a movie you've never heard of. See a movie your friends dogged because they said it sucked. Give an aspiring director a chance, or make an accomplished director know he is still turning out quality films. Don't let good films die just because of time. Movies should be like wine; they only get better with age.
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