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The first scratch always hurts the most...
Author - Kirill

For my birthday recently, I went out a bought a really nice Gibson Epiphone SG. I mean...it's really nice. Crimson-red, wood finish. Other guitars would shit themselves from jealousy at this beautiful guitar.

So I've been playing it alot recently and been very happy (you know, instead of finishing RedFruit II) but then a tragedy happened. One end of the strap came off and the Gibson flew straight into a chair, causing a rather noticeable dent and small crack in the body. DAMMIT! I was in depression for days and continued not working on RedFruit II.

But two or so weeks passed and I got over it...and then I realized the other day that near the output...there are two hairline cracks leading both ways through the wood...but as someone told me, those are just building character for the guitar. The first one is the most painful, but the rest aren't really as upsetting. The more damage you do, the more yours it becomes.

I can relate this to RedFruit II. The first year it was really hard to not work on the film...but then, it sort of got 98% done and I've been too lazy to do the remaining 2% and the last year or so now (it's almost been two years since it was shot!) the film has just been building its character of being "the finished film that for some reason, just isn't ready to be released yet."

So yeah, RFII is done, really. There's only the smallest of things left, but hey, I'm too lazy to do them now. I'll get around to them when the Leafs win the Stanley Cup (HA!).
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