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Black&White to Color Fade
Author - Kirill

All of of people have asked me how I did the fade from black and white footage to color in the RedFruit Trailer.

It's actually pretty easym so I made a little tutorial (this is done in Premiere 6.0):

1) Get your clip (already cut) ready. (The full length of it).
2) Now, copy it, and place it directly under the top one to the exact frame. 3) On the first clip, put a B&W filter on it.
4) Cut the first clip in so that it where it ends is the place it comes back to color.
5) Cut the beginging of the 2nd clip the same way.
6) Add Cross Dissolve.
7) Then just add a black fade through transperency like I did.

That's all there is too it.
Here's a screen. Click for full.

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