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Big Trouble
Author - Kirill

This must be one of the greatest somewhat smart comedies in the last few years.

I really, really loved this movie. Some people, may not though.

This isn't one of those comedies where you have only about 4 very funny jokes throughout. This film has at least one joke every 60 seconds, no matter how funny. And all of the jokes always build up to something which will come up later, which makes it even funnier.

Adapted from the best selling novel, this movie feels like it was written very skillfully. All of the characters have something in common: They either want to know what's in the case, or they want the case.

The coincidences in the film also add to the funny, funny script.

Tim Allen has finally done something that he can be proud of, after Joe Somebody and that nature movie.

Tom Sizemore did a great job too, and I haven't seen anyone play such a great dumbass as he did, alongside Johnny Knoxville (Jackass).

Rene Russo had sort of a neutral role, but was still needed. Jason Lee was constantly refered to as "Jesus" or "Moses". Not a surprise with his long hair.

Dennis Farina did his patented mod-guy act. And it works for him, so that's good.

Plus many other odd-ball characters.

Overall, this movie is going up, way up, on my must see list for everyone. Go watch it today.

On a serious note, if you are still, how should I put this. Well, if you were really hurt close to you by the September 11 attacks, then don't see it. Other than that, there are no other things which should stop you.

Go and see it for a few hundred laughs.

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