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Welcome to the Official Scope-Films WebSite!

11/08/2008 -> Wow. It's been three, yes three years since this was last updated. I figured it was time to do a little bit of an update, as I noticed traffic has increased to here recently.

As you've no doubt noticed, there is a slight facelift to the website. Nothing major, particularily as I don't quite feel up to the task of recoding the entire site now; just updated the images and gave it a bit of darker grey look, rather than light grey on white. Nothing special, but refreshing none-the-less; the old design having been up here for over six years. I think six years is a long time to have the same look, don't you?

Since you last read the news below, many of the original Scope crew have done on to do different things, but a handful of the key principle still work together. Most recently, Kirill and Thomas both shot their thesis films over at Ryerson University. Kirill's being a poker film entitled High Stakes and Thomas' being a suspense titled Rescue. Both had their premiere back in May but due to fesival reasons, are not online. High Stakes however has a trailer up for all to see.

There have been a couple other films (as we were doing film degrees), and with time, I hope to get them all up. Kirill's short comedy, Just One Cookie can be found on his facebook page and will also make its way here eventually.

Besides degree-related projects, a number of short films have been made for various short festivals. Amoung them, French Onion and Bloody Hell in association with SuperGun Cinemas, Stakeout Adventure and Rhyme and Rebound with boys over at Timecod and various others. These can all be found online via youtube etc, but once I get enough time, you should see them in the cinema here.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by and checking out our old work. Without the short and usually silly little movies here, we wouldn't have had all the experience and fun that would have brought us to today.


ELISE RECOGNIZED! Best Original Score/Best Supporting Actress
08/27/2005 -> Those involved are glad to be part of an award-winning film! And the dates happened to fall such that Kim found out about her win on her birthday!

ELISE has also now been officially submitted to the Young Cuts International Film Festival held in Toronto.

View trailers here

07/27/2005 -> Although it has been completed since early June and in the scope library and elsewhere on the web for a few weeks now, I realize I have not posted officially about it.

The film created for the Toronto 48 Hour Film challenge, Orange Crush is available for your viewing pleasure. There are a number of places you can check it out with reviews from others.

Scope-Films Database
SuperGun Cinema Feature Article
FXHome Cinema
IndieTalk Forums


07/16/2005 -> ELISE will be having its world premiere at the Wreck-Beach International Film Festival in early August! August 5th, to be exact. Check out the official wreck beach site for more information.

Also, there is a new theatrical trailer that was exclusively shown last night before the MacBeth 3000 premiere. Check out the trailers section.

ELISE has been getting positive reviews from those lucky enough to have seen the first cut of the film. Here are some exerpts:

Quotes for: ELISE
Captain, Wreck-Beach Director wrote:
"[Elise] is a nicely cut film showcasing his lead actress Sally Golan. While reviewing the film for our festival my eyes couldnt leave the screen, was it the dramma, the filming? Its all of that an more."
Andrew Dolha, Director, Actor, Teacher, opinionated bastard wrote:
"Elise is a snackable film from a promising young filmaker with strong work ethic; sit back and watch young people choosing from a menu of life choices and crunchy dialogue being chewed up by hungry actors."
Brian Estany of The FlatPlanet Network wrote:
"Kirill Kripak's latest film, Elise, showcases some of the finest young talent on the indie film scene today. Rich dramatic performances all around, shot and edited with skillful mastery make it a very memorable piece worthy of high acclaim. They're certainly a talented group to keep an eye on."
Denis E S Logan of SupergunCinema wrote:
"... an emotional rollercoaster that examines the culture clash of the well-to-do and the working class with style and self-conciousness..."

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